Eating on a College Campus

We have all heard about freshman-15 and I’ve had a lot of friends going down that road where they just give up and give in for all the junk food that is offered on a college campus. I am going to college next year and I am preparing myself so that I can keep living a healthy lifestyle on campus. I have made a suggestion below on what kind of things a college student can eat that is healthy, accessible on campus and within a budget.


You can find all the recipes on these two sites: & There are a lot of different and interesting recipes out there. It was very easy to find some good and easy recipes on Pinterest, so for all of you who are interested, go on and look at Pinterest and I promise you’ll find a ton.

TeenVogue also posted “10 Easy Ways to Eat Healthy in College (It’s Possible, We Promise!)” which explains 10 easy ways to choose the right food on campus. The 10 ways are to stock up on healthy staples, always take the fruit, eat high-quality junk food, think of dining hall as a classroom, listen to your body, experiment with what you’re eating, order in, find your food confidence & food-spiration, and establish a routine. To sum them up, you should listen to your body, make the right choices and plan ahead. To read every statement in more detail, visit the site here.


To see the picture with better resolution, go here


Smoothie Bowls

It’s very easy to make a yummy smoothie bowl. Start off with a bowl, pour in a smoothie of your choice and top it off with something you enjoy. My favorite flavors for smoothies are mango, berry, and a minty spinach one. I like to top my smoothie bowls off with some nuts, shredded coconut and berries. You can also add some more chia seeds, flax seeds or something else to get some more fiber.

Other than Smoothie Bowls, Acai Bowls are also pretty popular right now. An acai bowl is pretty much the same as a smoothie bowl but it contains the fruit acai which comes all the way from Brazil. Here in the U.S., acai berries come not as a whole fruit, but as frozen puree. And it can only be found in the freezer section of local health food stores, Whole Foods, or purchased online through Amazon or one the website of one of the biggest producer, Sambazon. Here you can find some recipes: and here you can find all the amazing health benefits:

I made a smoothie bowl the other day with a recipe I got from a Swedish blogger, which you can find here. It’s made out of 1 banana, 2-3 frozen strawberries, fresh mango and some almond milk to get a smooth texture. Mix it all together in a blender and indulge in this healthiness. I made mine as an afternoon snack before I went to the gym, I also made an avocado sandwich in crisp bread. This will keep you full for a while and satisfy your sweet tooth. IMG_8320IMG_8322

Sweat, Smile and Repeat

I talked about how important it is to exercise in one of the earlier posts but I just wanted to share some good examples on what kind of workouts you could do. You can do all of these workouts at home and it the longest one takes about 40 min. It’s healthy to do high intensity cardio training 2-3 times a week. Here are some good examples on how cardio training benefits you and your health:benefits-of-cardio.jpg


If you don’t have any weights at home, use an empty milk carton filled with water or a large bottle of laundry detergent. If you don’t have a stability ball, use a chair with a pillow on for comfort or maybe a footstool


On the days you don’t feel like working out, lay down on the living room floor and do some cosy & comfy yoga. Yoga has many health benefits such as; helps your flexibility, builds muscle strength, prevents cartilage and joint breakdown, increases your blood flow, boosts immunity, drops your blood pressure, lowers blood sugar, just to name a few. The good thing about yoga is that you can do it anywhere, anytime. Here are two videos of different yoga routines I enjoy. One of them is said to reduce stress and anxiety, the other one is for beginners, and very easy to follow along with.