A Simple Salad

Sometimes, a simple salad is the way to go when you feel uninspired, or maybe lack the time of preparation. Some people find a simple salad to be quite boring, but I’m here to change your mind!

For those of you who don’t know all the different sorts of salads and why some are healthier than others can find a good description of them here. I like to go with spinach and arugula for my salads but there are plenty more to choose from. You want to choose a salad that have clear and colorful leaves, the stronger the color is often means that they contain more nutrients.

Here is a simple but delicious recipe for one of my favorite salads:

Serves about 3-4 people, and takes 25-30 min.

  • 1/2 bag of Baby lettuce
  • 1/2 bag of Arugula
  • 1  Bell pepper (red or yellow)
  • 1/4 Onion
  • 1/2 Cantaloupe
  • 1 Mango
  • 1 package of Mozzarella Bocconcini
  • 1/2 Pomegranate
  • 10 leaves of Basil
  • 1 packet Prosciutto.

Heat your oven to 400°F. Place the slices of prosciutto on a baking paper on top of a baking plate and slide into the oven. They will be ready in about 7-10 min, watch them carefully, you want them to become crispy but not burnt. While the prosciutto is in the oven, prepare the rest of the salad. Chop everything into the shape you prefer, then tare the mozzarella into pieces (it preserves more flavor this way) and place them on top of everything. Finish it off with a sprinkle of pomegranate seeds and basil, then place the crispy prosciutto on top.



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