Kale Chips- a healthy afternoon snack

Pretty much everyone love snacks, especially a salty one. When it comes to snacks, it can be sometimes a bit of a struggle to choose a healthy one. I know that when I start eating potato chips, I can’t stop until the bowl is empty. I wanted to find out if there was a more healthy way to snack and then kale chips popped into my mind.

Here’s how I made mine. This is what you need:

  • 1 bunch kale
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil

Put the oven on 350°F, then line baking paper on top of a baking plate. Take a leaf of kale and cut the stem off. Try to make the leaves as even as possible in size. Wash the leaves thoroughly and dry them completely with a dishcloth or paper towels. Place all the leaves in a bowl and add the oil. Make sure to cover the leaves completely and place them on top of your baking plate. Then you will season your chips with whatever you like, it could be salt, garlic salt, cheese flavored spice etc.

The chips are done in about 15 min, but half way through you have to turn the chips upside down, so that both sides get crispy. Keep an eye on them because they turn brown pretty easily and you want to take them out just before that. The edges should turn brown but not burnt.

IMG_8078IMG_8079 (1)IMG_8080%20(1)IMG_8084IMG_8082IMG_8083

This took about an hour to finish and to be honest it was kind of a hassle. I think that once you’ve tried this a couple of times it’s going to go by more smoothly but for this first time, it was a struggle. I tried a couple of different seasonings on my chips but the one I enjoyed the most was the dill and onion powder together. I enjoyed eating them, especially when I remembered that I’m indulging in a salty snack that’s good for me.



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